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"5 Stars"

Reviewed by Greg Krebs


"Great people, very client-centered, kind, and considerate!"

Reviewed by Elizabeth Daulton


"I had a great experience. Everyone was super friendly and helpful."

Reviewed by Brenda Soto


"Excellent service and knowledge."

Reviewed by Dominic Tassi


"Very good customer service!"


"This is an update to last year's eye examine. Laura and I have our eyes checked once per year. This year, Assure Vision created our prescription using the Shamir Autograph Intelligence lens. We have been wearing the new frames and lens for about 2 months. This is a great product for our prescription! These lenses are far and beyond what I have ever experienced in the 20+ years I have been wearing prescription frames. If you are hesitating to order this lens because they are an upgrade to
your normal prescription - get them anyway. You will be very impressed with the difference they make! I can see so much more clearly. The both of us are so happy that Assure Vision made this technology available. The Shamir Autograph Intelligence lenses are the best purchase the both of us have ever made."

Reviewed by KEN And LAURA M.

"I recently had came here to get my yearly exam (been here for 3 yrs now, maybe 4) and have always been pleased to come here and never experienced any issues with my exam or the products I have purchased. I have siblings that work for other vision establishments that are willing to offer their services but I personally feel comfortable to come here since and prob will continue to do so until personal habits changes for myself. Thank you Doctor and Staff for all these years. I'm looking forward to get my new spectacles, soon!"

Reviewed by CESAR GARCIA

"Outstanding judgment regarding the best frames for your face."

Reviewed by TIM LOWERY

"I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Lomazov and her staff. I have had a couple of corneal abrasions that are very painful and she has fit me in last minute each time. She is always gentle, kind and reassuring, which is much appreciated when you have an eye injury. Her bedside manner is A+. It is the kind of care you hope to receive when you're not feeling your best."

Reviewed by MÁIRÍN G.

"Always friendly and very thorough."  

Reviewed by SUE SCOTT 

"Outstanding attention to detail. Backstory to previous 1 star review posted 6 days ago; I was the client being fitted for frames and had an appointment. Larry took care to make sure I was completely satisfied with the fit and lens performance. He paused for a moment to acknowledge the women that had entered and said he "would be with her in a moment". Unfortunately for her they left. I suggest giving a business a second chance ESPECIALLY if walking in without an appointment. This is a professional service location and although walk ins are accommodated you may have to wait a few minutes!! Common sense. Highly recommend Assure Vision."  

Reviewed by DONNA R. ON YELP

Dr. Lomazov is considerate, caring, and her experience and passion makes her exceptional. At AssureVision you get top quality care! I don't think I've had so much fun picking out glasses before! Larry helps you find the right glasses that fit your face and helps you based on cost and lifestyle. Hands down my favorite pair of glasses I've ever had! 

Reviewed by ALISON T. ON YELP

"Any place would be better than here! Recommended by my insurance company so went there during the work week & the gentlemen in store wouldn't even ask me if I needed help. Said hi to the postal person but no acknowledgement to me! All the glasses cases were locked so you needed assistance just to try on the glasses. Hey, bought glasses elsewhere bonehead! I know when I being blown off." 

Reviewed by LYN S. ON YELP 

Amazing, YOU are the First one in Over 20 Years… We were shocked to hear that after OVER 20 years in business, one of our Opticians (WHICH YOU CALL “BONEHEAD”, BUT WOULD PROBABLY BE BETTER REFERRED TO AS “EYEHEAD”), did not acknowledge your amazing existence, the second you graced our premises (which after talking to the patient the optician was attending to, was found to be untrue). I will make every effort that this terrible situation does not happen in the following 20+ years. Get a Life… 

"I had outstanding service at AssureVision and everyone was friendly, professional, and helpful. The doctor was very knowledgeable and professional. She was also patient and understanding. I got a comprehensive eye exam and contacts. I highly recommend AssureVision for your eye-care needs." 

Reviews by Victoria A.

"All employees were happy to assist in my questions enabling me to know 

the perfect glasses to enhance the frame of my face." 

Reviewed by Kathy Hohs 

I am a first time customer of Assure Vision in Barrington. I highly recommend this practice for their professionalism, great attention to detail, customer support and friendly, family atmosphere. They work very hard to please and make sure the customer is happy with every aspect of their eye care. With confidence, I am truly a repeat customer for a lifetime. Thank you for all you do!

Anne B. 

I had a great experience! Love my glasses. The staff was so nice and helpful. The doctor spent a lot if time with me making sure they would be perfect.


Reviewed by Andrew Olson

"I had a VSP vision plan that was ending and I was able to get an eye exam pretty easily. The doctor gave the smoothest exam I have ever had and picking out a pair was incredibly easy too. Definitely would go there again if my insurance wasn't changing to a different provider"

Reviewed by Georgine Voight 

"Wonderful office all around!" 

Reviewed by Doug Bean 

"Always thorough and professional." 

Reviewed by Mary Juarez 

"Always friendly, professional and knowlegeable!" 

Reviewed by Eric Wellin

"I have worn glasses for over 40 years and contacts for over 30. My last exam at AssureVision was the most thorough i have ever had. My new contacts and glasses are the clearest I have had in many years. Skip is very good at helping to select the proper glasses and making sure they fit. Customer service here is top-notch." 

Verified Client

Always punctual, professional, helpful, and kind every time I go! I don’t even live in Arlington Heights anymore, but plan on using this as my primary eye doctor for as long as I’m in the NW suburb area. Thank you! 

January 12, 2019 by Paul Z

Prescription that you sent are very confusing. Three e-mails received with total of four files. The e-mails do not describe what the files are. Two files are exactly the same. The different contact files do not indicated that one is for the mono-vision. I figured it all out. I think I have what I need, but it took five minutes of reviewing and renaming the files. 

January 12, 2019 By Bill R.

Outstanding doctor. Merticulous in matching lens and frames. 

January 12, 2019 by Javier A. 

Comment: I was surprised that the receptionist who has a very loud voice would speak to clients on the phone such that all other clients can here the conversation about personal topics. At some point she stated " you were terminated back in September" who is your insurance vison provider? These are very personal topics and conversations that should be had in private. The office is not easy to get to and not well maintained. The displays looked outdated and I did not find ample frame options. I would not recommend this place. 

December 19, 2018 by Hank S.

Outstanding service and selection. 

November 25, 2018 by Bob James 

I have to say I am very pleased and happy with my whole experience with Assure Vision. I came in to look at frames, found what I liked and then came in for my exam. Dr. Lomazov was very thorough with my exam, very professional and courteous. She is an excellent optometrist and I am definitely going back for future exams. The store manager and the person who handled the insurance were both helpful and knowledgeable. The three pairs of glasses came out perfectly. I am certainly coming back again. 

November 25, 2018 by Bob J. 

Living in the same town, I was hoping Assure Vision would work out, and I have to say I am very pleased and happy with the whole experience. I came in to look at frames, found what I liked and then came in for my exam. Dr. Lomazov was very thorough with my exam, very professional and courteous. She is an excellent optometrist and I am definitely going back for future exams. The store manager and the person who handled the insurance were both helpful and knowledgeable. The three pairs of glasses came out perfectly. I am certainly coming back again. 

October 17, 2018 by Dee-Dee Burke 

Very professional & nice staff, convenient location and you can make appointments via text. 

September 25, 2018 by Linda L. 
Great, friendly, and knowledgeable! Everyone at Assure Vision works with you to get the best fit eyewear! 

September 18, 2018 by John S.

I have known the Lomazov's for many years now. They provide great, friendly and effecient service! I highly recommend Assure Vision 

September 17, 2018 by Marissa R. 
I have been seeing Dr Lomazov for over 5 years and have always had a pleasant experience. My questions are always answered and they usually have my prescription in stock. Appointments are quick and usually take less than 30 minutes. I moved to the city but keep coming here because I've had such good experiences. Would recommend! 

September 1, 2018 by Noreen R.

I have been getting my glasses there for awhile. Excellent service. They care about their clients. Go out if their way to make sure your are satisfied with you purchase. Noreen 

August 27, 2018 by Joann P. 

Excellent experience and knowledge! 

August 27, 2018 by Reena Suri 

Exelent service.I would highly recommend them. 

August 14, 2018 by Kathryn S.

Excellent care. The doctor is friendly and communicates 

August 14, 2018 by Kathryn S

 ...only had to make 1 trip 

August 14, 2018 by Kathryn S.

Excellent care. The doctor is friendly and communicates 

By Kathryn S. 

The doctor is friendly and communicates 

August 1, 2018 by Laura Wangler 

The doctor and staff were great with both of my daughters and me! Exam and glasses for them contacts for me. A pleasure to be their patient! 

July 27, 2018 by a Verified Patient 

I ordered a new batch of contacts and the brand I use was back ordered. I told Skip I had some events planned this weekend that would make wearing glasses uncomfortable, and he went above and beyond to rush order me some diagnostic lenses so I would have them for the weekend. I am very grateful for the excellent customer service

May 21, 2018 by a Verified Patient 

All around great experience from time I walked in to exam to frame fitting to goodbye.

May 1, 2018 by a Verified Patient

Best service and eyeglasses I’ve ever had. I have a difficult prescription and they always go more then the extra mile to make sure I have what I need. Seriously excellent service and they treat you like family. A+++. Thanks again!

April 30, 2018 by a Verified Patient

Dr. Lomazov was thorough. My first new eye doc in 30+ years. I am very pleased with this office - Doctor and staff.

March 26, 2018 by a Verified Patient 

Always have the great customer care. Larry goes out of the way to make sure you get what you need. Plus the Doctor does what is best for the patient to be happy and explains everything to you while checking your eyes.

Very pleased with my exam and eyeglasses. They explained the different options for lenses and made recommendations (not based on price)!

I can see clearly now! The AssureVision team is always very professional. I won't go anywhere else and I give them my highest recommendation.

Best Eye Care I’ve found. Most precise glasses are found here. I’ve gotten glasses elsewhere at times. Getting there here, I’ve paid a bit more but couldn’t be happier with the care and precision I’ve received at Assure Vision. I’ve been their patient for about a decade now.

Needed extra pair of glasses for a planned trip being taken in a few weeks. Stopped by the Barrington store and Skip took charge came up with a solution to get my glasses wth in my required time limit. Five Star service for my needs. Thank you Skip!!

My entire family has been going to Assure Vision for many, many years. The entire staff is excellent! If you need help picking out new frames, make sure Larry is working, he is the BEST. Dr. Lomazov is wonderfully patient, knowledgeable and very kind with all sorts of questions and concerns. She even helped me find a great doctor in the state of Washington to preform Lasik on my adult son who lives there. Thank You!!!!

Good experience all the way around. I have no idea what I would improve for the next time. I’ve been going to Assure for almost 20 years and they always do a great job fitting me for lenses and glasses, as well as helping me maintain optimum eye health.

I've been a customer/patient of AssureVision for many years. The Doctor is the best I have encountered in my nearly 50 years of wearing glasses. She is patient and understanding, explaining everything clearly and completely. When I leave the examination room, I always feel confident that my eyes have been thoroughly and expertly examined. Larry is the best when helping to choose frames and the proper lens options for my vision (and saint-like in his patience while I make my decisions). AssureVision carries only the highest-quality frames—I have never experienced a failure with any of their frames—and their optical lab services are outstanding. I give AssureVision my highest recommendation for both eye care and eyewear.

I decided to go to Assure Vision on the recommendation of a friend. I needed new glasses. I could not believe how accommodating Larry was when I came in. She helped me choose frames that would work for me. I decided to have my eyes rechecked to be sure that I was getting the proper lenses. The doctor was unbelievably patient in comparison to the techs where I have been going who whip through an impersonal exam. I've gone back a couple times because I've had issues with my eyes or needed an adjustment, and each time I've gone in, the people there could not be more accommodating. I highly recommend Assure Vision.

We have been going to see Larry and the Team for years. Excellent service and products. Every pair of glasses (lens and frames) are of the highest quality and durability. AssureVision only buys the best equipment to ensure that their customers receive the very best in product and service. Your next pair of glasses should be from AssureVision, you'll thank me later.

Professional, caring staff interested in health of sight as their priority.

You can't ask for better people to help you than everyone at Assure Vision! So helpful and understanding. I will not go anywhere else.

Love the service and every pair of glasses I have bought is my favorite. Never a complaint. The best though is the service for my daughter and the glasses she has received. Thank you

AssureVision staff and Dr. Lomazov are the best! Known Edward for years and he makes sure to always leave happy!

Incredible customer service! Highly recommended! Ed is the man!

I have been a long time client of AssureVision visiting their Arlington Heights location for years the staff is always been professional from the exams to the large selection of eye wear and contacts. I have now moved closer to their new location in Barrington and have received the same treatment with Skip who keeps everything moving along with some well timed humor! and the "doc" who takes time to make u feel comfortable during your exam.

Skip is extremely knowledgeable about glasses and the frame quality is excellent. They go the extra mile.

I found the staff very friendly and knowledgeable. I had the most professional exam I've ever had. The fitting was outstanding as well. I'd recommend AssureVision to anyone.

Everyone here is fabulous - they take the time to explain your insurance and how to maximize your benefits. The doctor here is wonderful - she explains what she is doing and has always been kind in her demeanor. I strongly recommend Assure Vision and they have 3 convenient locations too!

I love this business- Dr. Lomazov is professional, personable and thorough!

Larry was really helpful.

Highly experienced doctor, excellent and fast service at any time of visit during 16 years. Flexible hours, convenient locations.

The folks here are fabulous. I've been a patient for years and years. They are always welcoming no matter when I stop by for minor fixes. A great selection of frames and they have creative solutions to what ever weird quirk I throw their way.

Very helpful with glasses selection-the best frames around! And vision exam helped me get the best corrective lenses ever.

Everyone at Assure Vision is professional, has great customer service and address all your needs. I definitely love how accommodating they are. Definitely 5 Stars!

Easiest and most pleasant eye exam ever! The doctor and receptionist were so nice!

I have been a customer at Assure Vision for many years. The service is impeccable. The merchandise is one of a kind. Every pair of glasses that I have purchased there I always get compliments one my frames. You will never be sorry when you go there.

Have been a patient for almost twenty years. Friends and family have also become the same. Always get a thorough exam and the resulting prescription yields excellent vision. The selection of frames is excellent and always attracts complements. They always do their best to make you see and look your best.

Always a great experience with Dr. Lomazov and Larry. They are so attentive to your needs and ensure great service. Pleasure to see them every time.Always a great experience with Dr. Lomazov and Larry. They are so attentive to your needs and ensure great service. Pleasure to see them every time.

You guys were great, as always! In and out quickly, and always so helpful and kind!

Great experience as always. I've been a customer for many years and even though I live in the city now I still drive an hour to get the quality care and fabulous selection of eye ware. Assure Vision is a great place and I recommend it to everyone.

The logistics of my life have been a mess lately. The package arrived damaged, the insurance claim was denied, my car broke down, my dog got sick. My eyeglasses broke. Not to worry! Larry said, "That should not have happened" and replaced the frames free of charge. Fast and accurately made, with great care in checking and fitting. I was also in a few months ago because the rubber temple tip ripped, and Larry had me out the door with new tips in about 10 minutes. I still love this place.

Love everyone at Assure Vision. Friendly staff and the Dr is great! Thank you for taking care of our family.

You made the whole experience as easy as possible. Very friendly, helpful, professional and very detailed in explaining everything. Thank you so much!

I love Dr Lomazov! I have been going here for a few years and she is fast and friendly. Always very professional and comfortable.

It's a pleasure to work with Larry and Doctor Lomazov. Everything went well with no hitches. They help you work within your budget and understand your insurance coverage, which is not often the case elsewhere.

The entire staff at Assure vision is great!! Would definitely recommend!!

Very good examination. Best service!

Timing, quality of work and staff is excellent

I found the perfect frame here. I also got lenses and I absolutely love it. I opted for the HD ones, and I have never had quality lenses like these. Two years later, I come back to get the same type of lenses when my prescription changed. When they came in, I was just as satisfied as the first time around!

Great patient care, Dr. Eugenia Lomazov was wonderful! Skip is a pure pleasure! Beautiful office! Was in at appointment time. Beautiful selection of eyewear..Would definitely recommend to everyone!

I've been going to Dr. Lomazov for about 3 years now and have nothing but good things to say about her and her practice. The office is inviting, the check in is easy, and the exam is thorough yet relaxed. Edward helped me try on several different frame styles. He has a good eye for what looks good on a person and takes into account your coloring, face shape and lifestyle when recommending glasses. I look forward to working with him again to find my perfect frames.

The doctor was very patient and knowledgeable Larry was so good at what he does it was my pleasure to have worked with him I am completely and totally satisfied with my choice on glasses and hope to get contacts he could not have been better it was a great!!!! Expieriance.thank you to a great staff.

Great service, exam and smart approach to frame selection.

I love this business. I have had eye exams and eye care for 30 years. This business is outstanding. I had a problem with my eye sight, which was a simple fix, and my eye doc at Assure Vision cared about my concern. She is the only one to take my concerns and try and help me out. Very friendly, great personalities from all persons in the business. Highly recommended on all levels.

I went to AssureVision for my annual eye exam, and I had a pleasant experience. I was able to get an appointment after my work hours without having to schedule too far in advance. My eye exam went smoothly and quickly, and the doctor was very nice and patient. All the costs associated with my contact lens and glasses were detailed and explained thoroughly. I found them through my insurance VSP. The store is located next to the movie theater and haircut shop.


Larry and Dr. Eugenia are fantastic. It's my favorite appointment of the year, and my glasses are always the talk of the office.

Excellent service and guidance from both Michelle and Skip.

Incredible customer service! Highly recommended!

We have been patients of Doctor and Larry Lomazov for several years now. We have always had a very professional and accurate analysis for the type of prescription that best fits our needs. They have been the best resource for my wife's contacts. Their excellent selection of frames and lenses is always changing with the latest styles. They carry a range of manufactures, at various price points, which allows us the best selection for our needs. Larry told me he only buys the best in equipment which allows him access to introduce new technologies (e,g. digital vision and daily-ware contact lens for hard-to-fit patients) that have proven results in the field and with patients.
I have had compliments from other Eye-wear professionals over the years, inquiring as to where I purchased my lens and frame. I must say, that we have researched other optometrists however, they cannot meet the same quality and high standards that Assure Vision has accomplished over the past 17 years. They have been recognized by the City of Arlington Heights as the Best of Arlington Heights 5 years in a row.
Larry has always been supportive of his products well after the purchase has been made. Whatever the situation happens to be, Larry and his team will work with you until it is resolved to your satisfaction. We have always had an excellent, professional and caring experience working with Assure Vision for all of our eye-care needs. Highly recommended.

Staff commented to 100% Customer satisfaction.

Being a “Long Time” patient at AssureVision, I have been to Both of their locations, Arlington Heights, (near my home) and Glenview, (near my work). I was thrilled to find out they now have a Third location in Downtown Barrington, (even closer to my home). The Barrington office is easy to find (next to Egg Harbor Café) and has great parking available. All the AssureVision office are beautifully decorated with “State of the Art” Equipment, but the Barrington Office is to die for. The décor is absolutely beautiful, and as always, in my opinion, the best selection of exclusive designer frames, in the NW Burbs. Once again I was given the best and most through Exam I have had since I started going to them “Many Years” ago.
They promote themselves as a Family Optometrist, and you truly feel like one of the family when they advise you on what NOT to get, as well as what would be BEST for you. I was taken care of by Skip, (I believe he was the General Manager), and he explained in detail what options I had. It is a pleasure to work with a Family Practice that has your best interests in mind, rather than one of these “Big Box Stores”, that only cares what commission the salesperson can get. Proof is in the pudding, AssureVision continues to grow and expand, simply because, they have the best ethics, and treat you like family. I have only had my new glasses for a few weeks now, and as all the other pairs I have purchased there, continue to get compliment after compliment. Thank You AssureVision, you have a Patient (and my Family) for life.

Really nice and knowledgable staff, plus great frames! Will definitely go back.

Thorough Examination and Great help choosing Frames.

I have been a long time patient of Assure Vision. I am very excited about their new Barrington office. The manager, Skip, is very knowledgeable and experienced. Their products are exceptional as is their customer service. I highly recommend Assure Vision without reservation.

Fabulous team at AssureVision Glenview. They looked after my little girl wonderfully

My son was the customer. He has a developmental disability. He was treated respectfully. I was very pleased with the professionalism and the kindness. It was recommended that he get glasses, so, we will be ongoing customers.

I've been going to Dr. Lomazov for several years for my eye exams. She is patient, very knowledgeable, attentive and empathetic. The staff is also warm and welcoming, they make sure their customers have a great experience.

The people were very helpful and there was a great selection of frames. The doctor was friendly and knowledgeable. We have been going to the Arlington Heights office for several years and just visited the Barrington office. It's just as professional in the new office.

Top notch eyewear, matched by top notch service by Larry! Great selection of high end frames as well as frames for every budget!

Comment: Amazing unique eyewear! Incredible customer service as well. There is no better place than AssureVision that I have found in my travels. A New York or LA boutique high end eyewear located on the North Shore of Chicago. Highly recommend!

AssureVision was a pleasant experience. The optometrist was great. She explained everything thoroughly. Larry the optician helped tremendously with helping me keep my cost within my budget, not to mention he was a huge help with helping me pick out my frames. I would definitely recommend Assure Vision Arlington Heights. :)

The professionals at AssureVision always provide superior service. They offer a fabulous selection of eyeglass frames as well as unparalleled assistance in selection. I'd recommend them to anyone!.

Larry and the Doctor were not only professional but they were also friendly and helpful. They listened to my concerns and made me feel so comfortable I did not feel hesitant in discussing my concerns about my eye exam or the lens's.

Friendly, professionally, very satisfied.

Professional attitude, attention to details and wide selection of eye wear are main strengths of this office. I felt in good and caring hands.

I am a new patient as we just moved to the area. My eye exam, picking out glasses, understanding my insurance benefits, etc. went very well and very smoothly. All the people I worked with were great. What I was most impressed with though was this: After 2 weeks of wearing my new glasses they cracked. I had not bought the insurance and even though I had been very careful with them and thought they should be replaced, I wasn't sure what AssureVision would do. I was very relieved that they agreed right away that my glasses should not have cracked and ordered me a new pair. They were so nice about it and within one week, I had new frames. I can't say enough about how impressed I was in their handling of the situation! I will definitely use them for future glasses and will recommend them highly to everyone!! Thank you!!

100% satisfied with exam and glasses. Thank you!


As always, AssureVision staff was attentive, courteous and friendly.

Professional, friendly, and honest about what to expect as I near the years when my vision will deteriorate. In particular Dr. Lomazov has been reassuring and helpful over the past decade or so. I expect I will continue to see Assure vision (and I will contour to see better!). Thank you!

Great experience! Thanks for being awesome!

Wonderful experience! Everything was explained to me very thoroughly and professional suggestions were made. I felt comfortable. I was trusting of employees. It was a great experience!


We had a great experience at AssureVision. They were wonderful with my 4 year old when he had his exam and very helpful for my exam and picking out glasses.

Came in for contacts and had a great experience. Quick and friendly service. Thank you.

The staff is great. Everyone is very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

Wonderful as always. They spend as much time with their clients as the client wants. Never feel rushed or pushed in to a decision.

Very helpful and welcoming staff! Great experience!

Very nice and professional.

Always a wonderful experience! Thanks again.

I truly appreciated being taken as a last minute appointment, and felt that I was treated extremely well given the circumstances. Everyone was kind and very helpful. I will definitely recommend to others.

I am very happy to find an eye care place so close to home that offers excellent services and products!

Always a high quality experience, with great people.

Dr Lomazov is fantastic. Very professional and thorough. Also, there is nobody better to work with than Larry. He is excellent. A total pro.

The overall exam and convenience of Glenview office makes Assure a great place for my eye care

I completely trust AssureVision with my eye care.

I moved out of town, but will definitely keep AssureVision as my optometrist! You guys are great! Thank you!

I loved every minute of my visit! I was treated with the utmost respect, and I have already recommended Assure to others! Thank you

Larry is the best -- very knowledgeable and helpful.

The front desk lady who assisted me to pick out my glasses was the best. She has an outstanding personality, helpful, and positive. Great lady

There was a problem with the records not reflecting the warranty. Larry and Skip went out of their way to fix the problem and honored the warranty.

My best experience with selecting and purchasing eyeglasses ever. I do not like wearing glasses but am unable to wear contacts any more. So I want my glasses to look cool and be comfortable and these are. They have boatloads of styles and many are unique, you won't find them elsewhere.

Larry explained every single lens option and helped me choose lenses that make sense for my prescription. So even though my prescription is pretty strong, they don't look like coke bottles and are very lightweight.  I ordered them on a Saturday and by Wednesday they were ready! Larry was very careful in testing them on me and adjusting them until they felt perfectly comfortable.

I have been wearing them for a week with a lot of computer work and reading and they are perfect, and I've gotten a lot of compliments on them. I paid a lot for these eyeglasses but it was definitely money well spent.

The office is clean and stuff very friendly and professional. Doctor always dedicates her time to a patient. I would highly recommended AssureVision to anyone who is looking for a great eye doctor.

Larry and staff are wonderful to work with and they make sure that you are 100 percent satisfied with your purchase. They will do whatever it takes to make sure you have a perfect fit.

I LOVE my new glasses! I was a little nervous about them- they're perfect! Thank you!!

Came in to have frames adjusted on a pair of Glasses I purchased about 3 years ago. Due to the expert recommendation at the time they still look stylish and meet my needs. Adjustment was done in a timely and expert fashion. Optician was courteous and professional. She even adjusted frames I purchased elsewhere

AssureVision is awesome!  They have the best customer service and a very professional staff.  Skip, in particular, I found to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable of eye wear.  He is also very honest and forthright in addition to being quite humorous!  They have the best products at the best prices backed by an extremely talented doctor, Dr. Lomazov.  I recommend AssureVision without reservation!

I have been going to Assure Vision for several years.  I have been very happy with the care and attention I consistently receive from Dr Lomazov and Skip. I greatly appreciate that they seem to always run on time but are never rushed with my appointment.  Dr L spends a lot of time with me each time I am in. She is very experienced and takes the time to explain everything. I highly recommend them!

I normally don't write reviews but I had such a great experience at Assure Vision i felt like it was my duty to pass on my experience.  the Assure Vision staff and Dr. Lomazov were absolutely great to work with. They really care about making sure you leave happy. Dr Lomazov's Exam was thorough and professional, and my prescription ended up being perfectly accurate. there frame selection is great with classic styles but also some cool funky stuff as well. I ended up getting a pair of clear glasses and sunglasses, i've never had a better experience buying glasses i see great out of both pairs and love the way i look.  thank you all so much. I'll definitely be coming back soon.

Doctor has always been friendly and professional with excellent patient skills.

Doctor Lomazov and stuff very professional , helpful and friendly.

They give you their full attention and listen to any concerns. Very professional and friendly. Always a thorough exam.

The personal attention explaining the services relating to me as an individual was truly appreciated. My visit offered me the insight of choices available to me allowing me to choose options that best fit my needs.

My benefit's were MORE than explained to me. I felt that I knew everything about my options and that I was making an informed decision.

Professional. Knowledgeable and friendly. I have been going to AssureVision for many years.

Starr and I are both extremely happy with Dr. Lomazov. Michelle was very thorough and professional in assisting me with my insurance questions. Very much appreciated.

Larry, was very patient and explained everything very well. He is the type of person I like to do business with. Thank you for the great service!

Thanks to the entire staff for always being so friendly and helpful. I greatly appreciate it!

Very welcoming and friendly staff. Even though exams are once a year, I'm treated like the staff sees me on a regular basis. It is greatly appreciated.

I was very satisfied with the exam and with the staff. Overall a great experience.

The doctor is professional and very nice! The staff is very helpful. The glasses choices are very great! I've recommended you after going there. I was new to going to a professional (not Costco) and you we're very patient with me explaining everything. I also appreciated how you explained the insurance and pricing and allowed me to pay some at the appointment and some at pick up since it was more than I thought. Great experience and you can tell you guys love what you do!

You are always on schedule (timely). Your office has updated/new procedures/exams.

Our family loves AssureVision and we have used their services for many years, They are professional, friendly, and go out of their way to make sure their customers are satisfied.Even when family members move across country, they return to AssureVision for their eye care. It is always a pleasure to do business with them. Thank you.

Very good experience, professional, kind, informative, painless.

After the Great Corneal Incident of 2015, I'm still recovering, but have a new-found appreciation for eye doctors. In my panic, I made a last-minute appointment with a random Doc from Zoc Doc. Much to my surprise, my random choice turned out to be an amazing one. Dr. Lomazov in Arlington Heights welcomed me with open arms and immediately made a plan for my recovery. When my condition worsened over night, she came in on her day off to re-evaluate me and stayed with me until I felt well enough to leave her office. She apologized that she would be in an all-day conference the next day, but gave me her email in case anything popped up. Such a lovely woman and a great Doctor. Sorry for the rant, but I had to share how a bad situation can sometimes land you in the care of amazing people.

Dr. Lomazov was great. She explained things very well, and was very kind. Her office assistant was very friendly as well!

Fantastic dr and staff.

Thought that my exam was very thourough and was very impressed with the quality of service.

She was great! I was about ten minutes late and felt awful but they were still awesome!

Dr. Lomazov gave me an outstanding state of the art eye exam. There was no discomfort during the glaucoma test--no puffs of air!! The entire exam was easy and effortless. They also have an outstanding selection of eyewear!! From now on I'll be seeing her for my future eye exams.

Verified Patient

I was very impressed with both Dr Lomazov and her staff. Both were easy to talk to, very courteous and concerned with me as both a patient and customer. Overall, quite a pleasant experience.

December 26, 2013 by Kinga G. (Verified Patient)

Dr and staff is extremely professional, helpful and genuine with advice, recommendations, etc. Pleasure to be a patient.

November 4, 2013 by a Verified Patient

I have been seeing Dr. Lomazov for at least 7 years and she always does a thorough exam and provides great attention and care. Her staff are great as well. They make me feel like an old friend vs. simply a patient who comes in once a year.

August 27, 2013 by a Verified Patient

She was very professional, understanding, and accommodating to my needs. I highly recommend her!

July 29, 2013 by Constance G. (Verified Patient)

I was very satisfied; any time you can see a doctor on a lunch break and not feel pressured because of a wait time, you are blessed and that's what I was, blessed. The doctor and staff were very professional and kind. I wish I lived closer, this is the kind of office I would like my children to experience,

June 24, 2013 by a Verified Patient

First time visit and everything went very well. Clean office, good location, nice people. Open late hours. but still just as friendly as it if were 10 am. My insurance benefits - which aren't always clear - were explained clearly to me. She also explicitly told me if an additional service was NOT covered under my insurance before she performed them so I could make an informed consumer decision. Great experience!

April 13, 2013 by Joseph G. (Verified Patient)

Very polite and helped understand terms. I am very happy with my first time visit.

More than a year ago by a Verified Patient

Satisfactory exam, though not as comprehensive as I have had at eye clinics (eye pressure and dilation with air puff machines, etc). Served purposes to an extent, felt it was more an optometrist vs opthamologist visit... my eyes need medical attention due to lasik and dry eyes.

December 29, 2012 by Wendy W. (Verified Patient)

Very professional and friendly. Customer service was great and I finally got some answers to my eye problems. I would highly recommend.

June 18, 2012 by Michael S. (Verified Patient)

Dr Lomazov is excellent clinician with an great chairside manner. I work in the healthcare industry and have see the best and worst the indictry has to offer and Dr Lomazov is one of the best!!!

April 30, 2012 by Sean B. (Verified Patient)

Dr. Lomazov was very personable and professional. The office was ready for me the minute I walked in and didn't have to wait at all! I would definitely recommend her to others.

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